“My friends and I have enjoyed Kill-Her Entertainment productions for several years now. Their murder mysteries are genius. The talent is varied and very professional. The best is the ingenious writing which incorporates humor, very creative use of language and is hilarious. Just when you think you’ve got it, you don’t. Keep it coming, you are terrific!” -Judy C., show participant

Previous shows Judy attended: Murder at the Mardi Gras, The Rat Pack Murders, The 1920’s Wicked Gin Murders, and Saturday Knife Fever

“The icing on the cake was [her] being the winner of the contest! The family came over to our house for dinner and she talked about it EVERYBODY! Thank you for making it the best Mothers day for her.”
-Jean C., show participant

Kill-Her Entertainment is most definitely a high energy group of performers. From the beginning to end of any show of theirs, you will see just how talented this group of actors really are. Costumes are nicely planned. Story lines and dialogue are presented by each actor in such a way that the audience is always kept interested and throughout amused. The Staten Island Club of Renaissance in Manchester, NJ strongly recommenda you attend one of their productions. You wont be disappointed. We never were!”

– Marietta E., Vice President, Staten Island Club.

Previous shows Marietta attended: The Knife Before Christmas, Saturday Knife Fever, The 1920’s Wicked Gin Murders, Shake, and Rattle & Roll Over Dead

“So much FUN! The actors are extremely professional, the scripts are witty and the humor is top notch. We have the pleasure of hosting a Kill-Her Entertainment show every year. The weekend books out a year in advance and we always have a wait list. Guests come back year after year just to be a part of the show!”

-Carrie B., Organizer for Ridin-Hy Ranch

Previous shows at Ridin-Hy Ranch: Murder at the Mardi Gras, The Rat Pack Murders, The 1920’s Wicked Gin Murders, Saturday Knife Fever, and Law and Disorder – The Awesome 80’s Trial