Hotel/Resort Shows

Review the below three day events designed just for hotels and resorts!

  • The Rat Pack Murders “A High Roller Homicide“- A High Stakes Casino Theme Murder Mystery Weekend with your favorite Rat Pack Characters and Music.
  • Murder at the Mardi Gras – A Murderous Masquerade carnival theme weekend with a New Orleans flair for the supernatural.
  • Law & Disorder “The Awesome 80’s Trial“- A Musical Murder Mystery 80’s Weekend that puts music on trial with the audience as the jury.
  • A Birthday to Die For – Mama Mia’s 100th Birthday Party – A U-Solve-It Murder Mystery Weekend where everyone is family and no one is safe.
  • Live and Let Spy– a Murder Mystery 60’s spy spoof featuring the greatest spies and the worlds super villains

There are also weekend versions of The 1920’s Wicked Gin Murders, Saturday Knife Fever and Till Death Do Us Part!

Please email for information and prices.